Test and Results

Tests & Investigations

If you are asked to bring in a sample e.g. of urine, which is to be analysed at the hospital, please remember to leave it at the surgery by 11.00 Mon-Fri. We have no means of getting it to the hospital at other times. If the doctor sends you for a test at the hospital e.g. blood and urine test, swabs etc please allow a week for the result to come back. X-ray and scan results are now taking about 2 weeks to come back. Don’t believe anyone in hospital outpatient clinics who tells you to ‘phone your surgery for the result ‘next week’.

Always ‘phone the surgery for the results of your test, if possible, after 11:30.

Tests arranged by the hospital

Please note that the result of tests, X-rays, scans, blood and other investigations, arranged by a hospital doctor during an out patient’s visit are not routinely sent to us at the surgery. If you are worried or in doubt about the outcome, my advice to you is to telephone the consultant’s secretary and ask for the result.

Opening times for Ashford Hospital tests

Blood tests between 08:30 and 16:45 Monday – Friday in Area 2 of the Out Patients Department. Please take a request form from the Surgery with you. By arrangement with the Nurse, most of the blood tests could be done at our surgery.

X-ray examinations 09:00 to 16:00 Monday – Friday

Ultrasound scans by appointment.